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Nature of Business: Trader

PRINCE LUBRICANTS, a brand of PRINCE OIL INCORPORATED, was established in 1998 at California, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. The company is specialized in manufacturing lubrication products to meet the broad range of demand in the market. PRINCE LUBRICANTS offer a wide range of products including Automobile lubricants, Racing specified lubricants, Motorcycle lubricants, Gearbox oil, Brake fluids, Marine lubricants, Industrial oil, Hydraulic oil, Greases, etc.
Started up by renting a mid-sized lubricants manufacturing factory in California with a fleet of 85 employees, PRINCE OIL INC, USA then developed a laboratory for the purpose of in-house assay and examination of lubricants addictive to meet the rapid stride of global market demand. The company had strived to make a footprint at the local market by providing the best quality of lubricants to the consumers. Despite bitty successful the company had accomplished in a few states, the company decided to remain its business in the certain scale, exclude to expand internationally.
In 2008, PRINCE OIL INC, USA granted the license to PRINCELUBE (ASIA) PTE LTD, a company founded and based in Singapore, to expand the brand ‘PRINCE LUBRICANTS’ to the global market.

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